What I do

The services I can help you with

Business development

Using my commercial skills as well as tapping into my worldwide network, I provide business development services to both non-EU business who want to get into the EU market as well as EU businesses who are looking to expand into North America and Asia. My expertise is in digital media (especially Games, TV and Music) as well as B2B SaaS digital products.

Investment & Strategy

Tapping into my hands-on experience of the 4 start-ups I have co-founded I am a strategic advisor, board member & consultant with a focus on tech based media and digital product businesses who want to scale-up. I help companies, management teams and founders shape their investment, marketing sales plans as well as help them raise investment funds tapping into my network of business angels, corporate investors and VC funds.

IP development & Licensing

I have direct experience across the entire IP creation, production, distribution and licensing process in TV and Games. I can therefore help IP owners and creators maximise value and revenue by leveraging my creative and commercial knowledge and network. My impact empowers IP owners to transform their content into revenue generating multi-platform and multi-vertical properties building long-term value.