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Clients I’ve worked with

“Simon has proven highest loyalty towards the companies he worked for, he is great working in a leading position, but also and this is rarer in bringing a company/ business from 0 to 1. He is great in attracting and motivating talented team members, building up a crystal clear company strategy and closing strategic deals like a sniper. I trust Simon and would offer him to run any business I am involved in.”

Nils HenningCEO, Casafari & Serial Entreprenuer/Investor

“Simon has a rare and prized skillset: commercial nouse, creative and marketing instincts and genuine experience and track record in generating revenue from digital media.”

Mat SteinerMD, Primal Media

“Simon is a real pleasure to work with being both highly personable and also a very savvy and tenacious operator. Able to set the strategy, as well as take the lead in complex situations and formulate the right actions, Simon is great at creating the momentum to take the project and the team forward.”

Andrew BrownSVP Strategy, Keywords Studios

How I can help

  • Building a value proposition and business model around your new digital media, product or service
  • Expanding your B2B digital business into Europe, MENA or North America
  • Leveraging my international network of C-Level executives and senior management at digital entertainment, publishing and marketing companies
  • Generating revenue and extra value out of the IP that content creators own and helping them tell the stories they want to create in a different way
  • Creating a Go To Market Strategy for a product or new content launch
  • Devising a fundraising strategy and investment strategy and helping to write your business plan
  • Creating content and devising vibrant panel discussions for your conference or event

Or just having a “digital coffee” discussing whether rugby or football is a better sport (there is no discussion by the way…)!

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Business development

Using my commercial skills as well as tapping into my worldwide network, I provide business development services to both non-EU business who want to get into the EU market as well as EU businesses who are looking to expand into North America and Asia. My expertise is in digital media (especially Games, TV and Music) as well as B2B SaaS digital products.

Investments & Strategy

Tapping into my hands-on experience of the 4 start-ups I have co-founded I am a strategic advisor, board member & consultant with a focus on start-ups and early stage scale-ups in the digital media and B2B digital product space. I help companies, management teams and founders shape their investment, marketing sales plans as well as help them raise investment funds tapping into my network of business angels, corporate investors and VC funds.

IP development & Exploitation

I have direct experience across the entire IP creation, production, distribution and licensing process in TV and Games. I can therefore help IP owners and creators maximise value and revenue by leveraging my creative and commercial knowledge and network. The key impact is to empower IP owners to transform their content into multi-platform and multi-vertical IP content and build long-term properties and revenue-generating assets.

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